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Secured Escrow Lending Agreement

Using this approach, all Lender funds are held by an independent Escrow company until used for the purchase of real estate, and all draws against the escrow account are secured by the property they were used to purchase. Upon sale of the property, the funds are returned directly to the Escrow company. Funds are never in the direct possession or control of Twin Rocks Land Co., and all activity is governed by a Loan Agreement between Twin Rocks and the Lender, and a tri-party Escrow Agreement between Twin Rocks, the Lender, and the Escrow company. At the end of each calendar quarter, Lenders receive a check based on the agreed-upon annual interest rate, or the interest is added to your account and compounded. Funds can be withdrawn at any time according to the process in the Escrow Agreement.


Current Interest Rate:

Rate is guaranteed for at least one year.

Sample of Recent Investments


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