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Notes for Sale

As part of our normal business model, we will occasionally carry back part of the purchase price in the form of a short-term note. These notes may have an interest rate anywhere from 6% to 12% and generally have a single balloon payment in 2-3 years. To free up our cash, we offer you the opportunity to purchase those notes at a discount, depending on the terms of the note. The return on investment is generally better, depending on the note’s original terms and the discount. And the risk is very low since the note amount is usually less than 40% of the property’s fair market value, and the note is secured by a first lien on the property. As they become available, these notes are shown on our website and marked ”available”, along with the relevant financial information.

Notes Currently Available


Twin Rocks Land Co., LLC

16096 Jackson Creek Pkwy, #1007 Monument, CO 80132

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