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Lenders are a key part of our success, and we offer multiple ways for Lenders to share in that success. If you prefer a simple, hassle-free, but above-average return with almost no risk, then our Secured Escrow Loan Arrangement is for you. If you have a tolerance for shorter-term loans with a bit more work and a potentially much larger return, then the Shared Appreciation financing would suit your needs. Or, if you prefer to purchase an existing note secured by a first lien on a parcel of real estate, then purchasing our existing seller carryback notes might be perfect for you. All loans, whether Secured Escrow or Shared Appreciation, are used only for the purchase of real estate.


Secured Escrow

Simple and secure, this funding option provides an above average interest rate with no hassle. All funds are kept in a separate escrow account until sent to a title company to fund a purchase, and then protected by a first lien on the property purchased. Quarterly interest payments provide a recurring income at a well above average return.

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Notes For Sale

When we sell a property we will occasionally carry back part of the purchase price in the form of a short-term note. We offer you the opportunity to purchase those notes at a discount. The return on investment is generally better, and the risk is low since the note amount is usually a fraction of the property’s fair market value, and the note is secured by a first lien on the property.

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Twin Rocks Land Co. is based in Monument, Colorado, nestled against the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies.  With hundreds of transactions in our more than 20 years in business, we provide our customers with extraordinary value and excellent customer service.  We never take short cuts, never compromise integrity, and pride ourselves on simplifying the real estate buying and selling process.  We are always friendly and helpful, and totally transparent.  We love land, and you will love working with us!

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Twin Rocks Land Co., LLC

16096 Jackson Creek Pkwy, #1007 Monument, CO 80132

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